Branding management
Branding, like any serious solid business, requires serious management. We will talk about branding management…

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How to protect yourself from fraudsters
Fraudsters and various scam artists existed at almost all times, earning money from the deception…

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How to create a business in the Internet?
Business is created only in two cases: - to meet their own needs - to…


6 ideas for a new business in a small town.
Many have a desire to do their work, but they do not know where to…

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They all explained this for a variety

E-mail marketing to promote an online store: how to beat the competition?

E-mail exists for more than 20 years, for business it is used – 15+ years. Every year the efficiency of working with the audience, using E-mail newsletters is growing.

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Where do we have the “buy” button?

“Our idea of ​​freedom of choice is just ignorance of the real reasons for our decision” (Benedict Spinoza).

“From the informational point of view, the subconscious activity of the earthworm is much more complicated than what our consciousness does with you” (I.N. Pigarev). It is clear that I am not going to confirm or refute this thought, especially in the context of consumer decision-making. Continue reading