Marketing optimization
DEADLY MARKETING MISTAKES You do not have a clear marketing strategy. You do not plan…

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Making a high quality business plan
The maximum efficiency of all processes in the management of a company can be achieved…

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First of all, it is necessary to determine the main goal that the business value…


Effective email marketing for online stores
E-mail is a service that every Internet user has without exception. And the use of…

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you can draw your dream

E-mail marketing to promote an online store: how to beat the competition?

E-mail exists for more than 20 years, for business it is used – 15+ years. Every year the efficiency of working with the audience, using E-mail newsletters is growing.

American University conducted a study that showed that 7% of sales in online stores is a merit of E-mail marketing. Continue reading

How to make landing selling


The question “how to make a landing page” is asked very often. There are two separate directions in it – the creation of a one-page page on your own (we have already written about this), as well as a lack of understanding how to correctly arrange the elements and provide information so that the site can start selling. Continue reading

How to survive in a time of crisis. Wonderful advice from a leading businessman.

In times of crisis, many families experience an acute shortage of finances for buying food and paying bills. For survival, people save on everything, denying themselves the convenience and benefits. However, according to the well-known business exchange, during a crisis, you can not give up the old purchasing power and save some of the money for large purchases. Continue reading