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How to profitably sell traffic from the site

One of the most popular methods of earning online is to sell traffic from the site. If you have an interesting and, most importantly, visited resource, with the help of some actions it can be made a source of permanent passive income. Those. you will simply develop your resource, add new content, attract visitors to discuss various issues and do everything that you did before, and at the same time receive a certain income.A significant part of entertainment, reference or news projects are created precisely for this purpose – making a profit from the placement of advertisements and links.

What is traffic sale?
Traffic is the average number of visitors on resource pages for a certain amount of time. Usually consider traffic per day. Those. The description “a site with traffic of 3000 people” means that about 3000 visitors come to the pages from different sources every day.

To sell traffic from the site, from a technical point of view, means to redirect visitors from your project to a customer’s resource in one way or another and receive a specified payment for it. There was a time when for these purposes we had to look for direct buyers and negotiate with them. Forums were full of ads like “selling traffic to the site.” Now monetization has become very simple – choose convenient services, place their code on your pages in places where advertisements will be displayed, and make a profit.

Purchase and sale of traffic is carried out:

in advertising networks of search engines (contextual ads Yandex and Google on sites);
teaser networks (these are small text-image ads, so-called teasers with intriguing content are familiar to everyone on the Internet);
banner networks are specialized platforms that are an alternative to contextual advertising.
Another way to monetize traffic is to sell links through special exchanges. Here, it’s not so much the living visitors that are important to the buyers, as the growth of the external link mass, and therefore the payment is made not for the user’s transitions, but for the placement of the anchor. Search engines have a negative attitude towards this practice, and therefore an ever smaller number of webmasters choose to work with links. And they increasingly prefer to place advertisements from search engines as a reliable, profitable and, very importantly, completely legal alternative from the point of view of search engines.

contextual advertising
Selling traffic to the site through Yandex and Google advertising networks is relatively simple. Log in to the search engine services under your login. Most likely, you already have it, as well as confirmation of the status of the owner of the resource, because you are promoting it. Added as a platform in the section for partners. And wait for the decision of the moderators.

If your resource meets the requirements and rules of advertising networks, you will get access to the section for creating an advertising platform. Usually applications are reviewed within a week, sometimes a little longer.

Creating an advertising platform, i.e. block, where advertisements will be shown to your visitors, usually does not cause problems. A simple and intuitive constructor allows you to choose the size, design, the maximum number of ads block ads. As a result, you get a fragment of ready-made HTML-code, which you just need to add to your resource to where the ad unit will be displayed.

Please note that you can customize the display and themes of advertising. In Yandex, these features are located in the “My sites” section. Here you can enable or disable the selection of advertisements in accordance with the interests of users, limit contextual advertising to your subject only, and exclude the possibility of displaying advertisements of your competitors.

After setting up and placing the code, it remains only to wait for the accrual of profits and engage in your project as usual. The amount of income can be very different, it all depends on the subject, parameters and attendance of the resource, the selected settings.

Relatively high income. Other types of services offer prices lower.
Guaranteed absence of sanctions from search bots. Many webmasters claim that the participants of the Yandex context service, as well as the sites in the paid directory of this search engine, even receive some priority in search engine promotion.
Advertisements are not too intrusive, accurate, rarely annoying your visitors, usually users treat this type of earnings with understanding.
Disadvantages of the solution:

It is difficult to get partner status. Requirements are constantly being tightened. Accepted only really popular projects. There are restrictions on the subject and quality of content.

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