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The most important elements of success in infobusiness.

In this article, I want to talk to you about the main elements of success in infobusiness. There is no way around this information. In addition, it steadily leads to an important matter – the creation of its infobusiness.

1 item. The ability to find “cash” ideas for their products and services.

This is where it all starts. If at the very beginning you missed the topic, then you are unlikely to help. You can rewrite the selling text a hundred times and rework a series of letters. Conduct a bunch of tests and research. But if your target audience does not want your product or service, then you are unlikely to inspire them to buy.

So if you have something not going, then the first thing is to look at your topic. Maybe you did wrong the very first step. How to do it? The only way to understand whether something is being sold or not is to try to sell. Therefore, invite your subscribers to buy something from you and look at the results.

You can say: after all, I am still a beginner and do not know how to write good selling texts, I do not know how best I can build a chain of selling letters, and so on. All this is true. But so is the other. If you want your product or service, then they will buy it from you even from the most sloppy written marketing site.

Sometimes it happens that they still do not sell anything, and people themselves are already asking them to buy something. This is a very good sign! If you do, then I congratulate with all my heart. You, as they say, have fallen into your niche.

If while your subscribers did not ask you anything, then do not despair. Try them to sell something in the coming week and look at the result. And you don’t even need to create a full-fledged product or recruit people for full-length training. It will be enough just to invite subscribers to the evening seminar on the weekend. Put the price on it within 1000 rubles, but not less than 500.

If you buy at least 1% of all those who have switched to the selling page, continue to develop the topic. If less than 1, then either change the filing angle, or take another question, or even test another topic.

2 Element. Sales skills – copywriting and marketing.

This is the next stage, when you have actually seen that your topic is in demand, that your subscribers are paying for it. Then you learn marketing and copywriting and hone your skills in actual practice. That is, you continue to develop different offers for your subscribers and offer them profitable deals one by one.

Just do not burn the base on the experiments. Keep a balance between inhalation and exhalation. That is, give them a lot of benefits for free. And between freebies, bombard them with offers to buy something from you. But in any case, be prepared for the fact that they will unsubscribe from you during commercial offers. Do not kill yourself about this – it is part of the business.

Someone comes, someone leaves. It is important that the total amount of your subscribers is constantly growing. And then you will have no problems.

3 item. The ability to build relationships with subscribers.

This item, of course, refers to the second, because it is the same marketing and copywriting. But nevertheless it is a rather specific section of it, therefore it is taken out separately. This topic is quite extensive, so I will touch on only the key points.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when sending letters to your subscribers is that you should be a good friend for them, who simply understands the question more. No need to build yourself a super expert. Do not be important. Do not be incredibly serious.

Keep it simple – and people will reach out to you. Great saying, it is fair for infobusiness. You should communicate with subscribers as you do with good friends in a cafe over a cup of tea. But at the same time, not as with best friends. Do not bend. Share your weaknesses with them better, ask them for advice, tell us what you don’t know how to do, tell the story of your greatest failure in your topic. It has a lot. So you become alive for them, just like them, only with more experience in the subject matter.

Well, never forget the usefulness of your free content. In general, it is better not to divide it into paid and free. Everything you need to be equally high quality and useful. Both paid and free. Just in the paid, you give everything more structurally, fully and deeply. Do not be afraid to give the coolest chips for free.

4th item. The ability to build your brand in the external environment.

In parallel, you need to position yourself for your colleagues, partners and competitors. And do it the way you need it. You have to embed in the minds of people exactly the image of yourself and your business that you have decided, which will work for your business.

There is a lot of technology here. But you need to keep in mind one key thing – the brand determines your business and the results of your customers. Therefore, the easiest and surest way to create a page of reviews on your site and put out there the results of your customers, which they will share with you.

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