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Earnings on the blog.

Having created a blog, having spent on it the forces and time, the blogger as a rule starts to think how to monetize his offspring, to start getting some profit from it. Let it first be not millions, but still ahead. So, today I want to tell you about what types of earnings exist on a blog.

It’s probably not worth talking about the popularity of the weblog (it’s a blog or weblog). The popularity they have is mad. Today, diaries are kept by all and sundry, and laziness is also conducted, albeit with less enthusiasm. You are my dear reader, most likely you also have a blog (maybe even not one).

Internet users who first encounter articles like this often wonder – “how much can I earn this way”? Can earnings on a blog bring me a stable and sufficient income? Of course, as in any other field, earnings on a blog are the result of work, and much depends on your perseverance and efforts, but the owners of successful blogs earn very good money without leaving home.

In runet, earnings on a blog are still something mythical on the verge of good and evil, useful information and spam. I want to bring some clarity to the situation. First, you need to understand what is earnings on a blog. This is not an end in itself for a blogger, not a motivation for spamming everyone and everything around! A blog is a work invested by its creator. The author of the blog shares his thoughts, his experience, interesting links, etc., that is, he creates content for his readers. A blog is a small media with its chief editor, journalist and sales manager all in one.

A blog is something like a personal site on which you can write anything – your thoughts, describe some product, write about your favorite band, film, actor, and everything else. The main thing is for someone to read it later.

Subject blog – a very important question. Of course, first of all the topic should be interesting to you, and preferably, you should understand something in it. If you are an expert in some field, or constantly meet some interesting events in the course of your professional activity, you can turn it into the main idea of ​​your blog, where you will describe the secrets of mastery and curiosities you encountered at work.

However, be careful – you should not make a blog like “everything about everything”, since most of such news and jokes can be found on other Internet portals, but you should not choose a too narrow topic.

Types of earnings on the blog.
Now there are many different ways to turn your visitors into money – some use fairly traditional methods, some – try to constantly come up with something new, but here I will list the main ways you can earn a living on a blog, even with a small number of visitors.

Partnership programs.
Affiliate programs will pay you for visitors attracted from your blog. This method will be beneficial to you if you choose an affiliate program that is close in subject to the blog itself. In this case, and advertising will look organic, and it will not annoy visitors.

Contextual advertising.
If your blog has already increased enough traffic, then you can place a block with contextual advertising somewhere in a prominent place. Contextual advertising is links whose content is selected on the basis of keywords in the article. For each click on such advertising links you are charged a certain amount. For starters, you can try runner and google adsense.

Sale of text links.
You can set the code of any link exchange like Sape, Linkfeed, Trustlink – for blogs on your own hosting and domain, and Buypost system – for blogs on free platforms. Over time, text links will appear on the spot of the ad unit. For each day that such a link is on your blog, and is available to the search robot, you are charged a certain amount. With a large number of pages and the presence of at least initial indicators in the eyes of search engines (PR, TCI), this method can bring you a good income.

Direct advertisers.
Once on the runet banner exchange systems were common. Over time, their popularity has faded, and now they occupy a much smaller market share. However, there are still a lot of advertisers who would like to place their banner on a thematically appropriate site. This is a great way to get a stable income and to ensure a decent enough earnings from the blog.

Teaser ads.
You have probably seen more than once beautiful luring ads on websites with pictures of diets, astrological forecasts, etc. So this is a teaser advertisement. This type of earnings is perfect for sites of female subjects.

Paid posts.
In fact, this type of earnings is very similar to earnings on paid placement of articles on its website. Only when posting articles, the published material is sent to you, and here you have to write a post yourself.

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