Corporate sites
The corporate site is the face of your company: it makes the first impression, reflects the key moments of your activity, and also makes you feel the style of your…

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The main stages of the development of an online store
Have you already passed the stage of “birth” of business ideas, and clearly understood that you will sell in your store? Already chose a sounding domain name? Then go to…

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How to create a home sewing business. Practical expert advice.
Good seamstresses are always in demand and in great demand, respectively, have a good income. If you have a craving for this kind of activity, then you can go from…


For different people, the concept of "profitable business" has features. For some, several thousand will be enough, and the other by profitable business means a profit of one million. To…

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Business taboo: popular excuses from business

Opening a business is quite an interesting and, with the right approach, a profitable occupation. However, many talented businessmen with a real entrepreneurial spirit are stranded, counting pennies and trying unsuccessfully to find at least some kind of income, dreaming about their business in their dreams.

Public taboos prevent the disclosure of talented entrepreneurs, which block not only the entrepreneurial, but also often the personal qualities of a person. The taboos related to business are often so ridiculous that following them can ruin the lives of anyone, and the excuses of such a plan can only affect weak-willed people.

Excuse number 1: A person does not have certain personal qualities.

According to psychologists, this is one of the most popular excuses. Many people know what they want, but are afraid to start. The lack of leadership qualities and other ambitions also stops even specialists with experience who, if desired, could reach great heights. Do not be afraid, some qualities can be developed in the process of activity. Indeed, with the change in the rhythm of life, the personality itself changes.

Excuse number 2: A person does not have time.

Even if a person works and dreams of a career, time can always be found. For example, spend the weekend with benefit. Many prefer to lie down, it’s not bad. But if at least one day is given to the dream, then it will come one step closer. You should not spare time and energy for the fulfillment of an old dream – time will pay off with moral and financial satisfaction. The main thing you need is to overcome yourself. Everything else, fortunately, comes with experience.

Excuse number 3: Lack of proper education, for example, financial.

Who said that to start a business you need to have several higher education? To expand the talents is enough to have only a goal and a desire. Everything else is a formality that does not have a sufficient foundation to be considered a weighty excuse. According to psychological statistics, the majority of company managers began their careers with secondary education and practically no work experience. And they managed to succeed only because of themselves, and not the red diploma with excellent grades.

Excellent students over the years can be implemented and did not come to the right decision. The best students have a different life model of behavior, which they rarely change and themselves suffer because of this approach to life. And people with secondary education have less ambitions and more desires, therefore, they are getting more and more successful.

These answers to popular excuses will help the beginning businessman to make the right decision and not to retreat from difficulties.

Perhaps many people in their life experience a feeling of dissatisfaction with work, low wages, which is barely enough for life, a strict mode of life, when there is absolutely…


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