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Experience comes in the process.

A beginner entrepreneur thinks to start doing something on his own, he needs experience, he needs to learn to be a good specialist, you need to learn how to manage other people, you need to learn how to keep accounts a programmer and so on. Being an octopus man.

Looking ahead, I’ll say: you don’t really need anything. To start a business, you need to start it. No more, no less. Experience is a very relative and subjective matter. Someone more experience, someone less. If you chase this indicator, you never, unfortunately, hijack, because everything develops, technologies do not stand still, the sphere in which you plan to start your business also does not stand still, constantly growing and changing. Thus, you will never have time to gain experience. Again, the secret is simple – you need to start.

The fact is that you don’t need any experience for the activity, you already have enough of it. Believe it! It is easier to start and allow a bunch of mistakes now, than, having worked for several years for someone, to start and make the same mistakes.

You can draw such an analogy. When you graduate from school, it seems that during school you learned a lot of things, a lot of information. And when you go to the university, for the first month you understand that you have learned more than for the whole school. Such a volume of knowledge, such a huge mass of information! Similarly in business. You will work in a completely different way, you will study the information much faster. If a person who cannot swim, is thrown into the water, then the likelihood that he will learn to swim is hundreds of times more than with theoretical training. A person can learn to swim for 10 years theoretically, but he never learns.

When you start a business, then you can already study literature, attend courses, trainings. This is necessary for the adjustment and development activities. Suppose this example: you have already gained experience, you know what to do and how, but this is theoretical knowledge, in practice everything works completely differently.

You will have everything not as planned. This is normal. There will be more expenses, less time, more incomprehensible things, a lot of nasty customers.

And in order to understand and act correctly in these situations, you need to start doing things, and the experience will come very quickly. You will be surprised how in one week, a month you will do as much as you have not done in one month or in one year. You will immediately learn what, how and where to do.

It is worth mentioning the issue of delegation of authority. Why do you need to deal with the site, to know how it works? You give it to the programmer and that’s it. You need maximum authority to delegate to other people. Especially if you have no knowledge in this. No need to understand the accounting. It is better to go and take one paid consultation from an accountant, and everything will immediately become clear to you. The accountant will tell you how to open an account, how to pay taxes, how to make a report and so on.

And better let him do it all himself. As for the registration of a company, you don’t have to figure it out yourself; it’s better to pay a lawyer, he will tell everything.

The only experience you need comes only in the process. This is attracting customers, draw attention to this and act.

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