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Content marketing strategy and its implementation

Content marketing is a popular and sought-after tool in promoting an online store. It has been actively used in the CIS market since 2007, and only large companies have been able to do this, which could provide financing for at least 6 months without getting great results.

Today, content marketing uses almost every business. Sales in the forehead no longer work, and will never work. The consumer has become smarter and does not pay special attention to standard advertising. He needs to be interested, give useful information for reflection, and then he will decide whether to buy or not.

How to work with your audience using content marketing?

Identify the main goals you want to achieve.
Goals must be fully consistent with your product, business or brand. In practice, we have identified 4 main goals that small, medium and large businesses want to achieve using content marketing:

Attracting potential customers to the store, and converting them into sales.
“Communication” with regular customers with a view to selling: providing support after purchasing a certain product.
Increase customer loyalty to the brand, expanding the reach of branded content.
Sales – achieved by creating content that answers customer questions, and works with his doubts.
Detailed analysis of your audience
Content marketing will become an empty “drain” of money, if it helps to attract the attention of untargeted consumers. What needs to be done to avoid wasting money and implement the strategy as efficiently as possible?

Perform 2 basic steps:

Put yourself in the place of the consumer (potential customer). Look at your content through the eyes of a client, understand how interesting it is to you, answers your questions and works with doubts. Why do you need this information? Does it induce an action?
Understand your client, his “pains” and interests, desires. Content marketing is working with the emotions of customers, with their pains. Having visited your site, the consumer is “in a session with a psychologist” who explains why and what needs to be done to get rid of the inconvenience in life.
Your brand – embed it in a content marketing strategy
The person who reads your content should always see references to your brand. And it does not have to be a name or logo. To introduce a brand into a content marketing strategy is possible in other ways:

Use branded colors for decoration. Are your corporate colors good for perception? Are they great for articles? Then use them in creating banners for the design of articles!
Sounds or audio specific to your brand. This is often found in large companies. For example, by calling any BMW center, you will hear the same waiting melody.
Use a font that is easy to read. Brandbook, logo, blog of your company – everywhere use a font that is easily perceived by a potential audience.
Accompany the content with visual cues. Use the logo and your corporate identity in the design of any content.
Give your audience the information they are looking for.
When creating a content marketing strategy, remember that your content must have a solution to the “pain” and problems of the client. Do not talk only about your company, about how cool it is and what the market is lucky with it, it’s better to say what you can give, what you will be useful for, what is your difference from similar offers.

Be as helpful as possible to your target audience, and this can be done as follows:

Tell in detail about your product: how it is useful, what opportunities it opens up, why you need to buy it.
Show the style of your products to customers: learning content is best here. Teach the audience to use your product!
Answer all questions of your audience: It will be easy to do if you collect all the information from the support service. Create a FAQ section, put there popular questions and answers to them.
Tell us about your company, using the power of history

Do not tell anyone that you have a wide range, and that you are loyal to customers. It’s not even interesting to read about it, and such articles about the Company are replete with every website on the Internet.

Try to stand out from your competitors. And here’s how to do it:

Tell us about the history of the creation of your company: your customers will be loyal to the brand and product if they know that there is a cool story behind them, defeats and victories.
Imagine your company’s team: customers are used to trusting living people, and they are always interested in who works in a company that sells them something.
Tell about the value of your product: convince customers that your product is unique, and it is produced for their benefit and benefit. Everyone loves to feel unique.
Make your content visible in search engines.
No need to think that an interesting article will be promoted.

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