How to make landing selling
  The question “how to make a landing page” is asked very often. There are two separate directions in it - the creation of a one-page page on your own…

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How to make landing selling


The question “how to make a landing page” is asked very often. There are two separate directions in it – the creation of a one-page page on your own (we have already written about this), as well as a lack of understanding how to correctly arrange the elements and provide information so that the site can start selling.

Landing is a one-page or page located on a large resource, intended for one purpose – to convince the visitor to perform the target action. As such, can be the purchase of goods, a request for services or a subscription to the newsletter. People come here from advertisements and promotions, because landing pages are also called landing pages.

Information should from the first seconds capture the maximum attention of the visitor and lead him to the realization of the expected action. We will talk about how to achieve the desired result. The technical nuances in this article are left behind the scenes, especially since the numerous website designers allow you to quickly make landing pages even for people far from web programming.

How to make a landing yourself and not make mistakes
The principle of development from the point of view of marketing should be based on the well-known AIDA formula. Let’s see what it is.

The AIDA model is as follows:
Translated into Russian, this means:
Attention (Attention). Those. Landing visitor should immediately understand what the page will talk about and why he might be interested.
Interest. Submission of material should be of interest to the visitor. Use slogans, a brief description of the benefits, pictures to attract attention. A person should be interested to understand in more detail what you are offering and why it may be useful to him.
Desire (Desire). The study of information should lead the visitor to the desire to perform the target action – to issue a purchase or subscription.
Action. The person performs the target action (buys or signs).
This formula is subject to any effective advertising or marketing effort. But in the case of landing, the result and compliance of the solution with this formula is most obvious.

How to make a landing yourself: the main stages
To begin with, the goal should be clearly defined: what exactly the visitor should fulfill. You need to understand that the goal must be one. Landing pages are always “sharpened” for any one action. It is recommended to specify it as much as possible.

The point is simple:
We define what we sell. Even a subscription is a variation of the same sale, but without direct financial gain. Those. you still have to “sell” a person some kind of benefit, convince him to become a subscriber.
We specify the target action. This can be a direct sale with automated payment, a callback request, a subscription, etc.
We turn to the development of a strategy.
But in order to understand exactly how to sell, you need to understand who you are selling it to. About this and talk.

The target audience
Examine your customers and subscribers. To find the “approach” to a person, you need to know what language to speak with him.

What you should know:
To whom you can sell. Restrictions on sales geography, language feature, the choice between business buyers and end users. All this you can define yourself.
Financial capabilities of buyers. This factor will help to choose the right benefits, i.e. the answer to the pains and needs of people.
The prevailing age and gender group. From this depends on the style of writing texts. People need to be addressed in their own language.
You can study other indicators, the better you know the buyer (subscriber), the easier it will be to find the best solutions.

Formation of USP
A unique selling proposition is not necessarily something really special (unusual product, exclusive service). It’s more about how you can deliver your product or service, how you explain to people the benefits of working with you.

You can sell the same product as everyone else, but with some bonuses, and not necessarily expressed in financial terms. For example, you can provide an additional guarantee or even just talk about the qualities of the product that your competitors for some reason did not emphasize.

In the case of a subscription approach is the same. You need to find an idea that will set you apart from many competitors. This may be exclusive materials, non-standard approach or anything else.

First screen
To understand how to make selling landing, pay special attention to the design of the first screen of the page. In principle, the solution here is standard for almost everyone. But, as usual, the secret of success lies in the details.

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