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Family business

Starting a business is the most acute and painful moment in the relationship of family members. Often it happens that, before it even begins to get the first profit, the family falls apart, and the business is liquidated.

However, problems can be avoided, it is enough to approach the organization and adjustment of the functioning of the company. The success of a family business is the balance in relations and the observance of the rules, which we will announce below.

So, the first rule is to set boundaries clearly, and do not mix life with work. Never maintain discussions with relatives about how best to organize a business, outside the office and during non-working hours.

The second rule – all discussions should be carried out with established regularity in a special place at a specified time. Opinions about the business strategy in any case will be common, because disputes and disagreements are identified in a timely manner weekly at business meetings.

In business, clearly separate the roles and responsibilities of each family member. Everyone should do his own thing, and not interfere in the competence of the other. Collectively it is worth solving only serious issues, for example, where to get the funds, and whether it is reasonable to take money on the security of a car. But small issues, for example, where to put some piece of paper, let everyone decide for himself, otherwise the business will sink.

Business is primarily a business, and nothing else. In the phrase “family business” the keyword is not family. If you change these concepts in places, you will not succeed.

Determine the benefits and benefits of a family business. In essence, a business with relatives is a unique and profitable business, if approached correctly. In difficult times, you can save on wages, you can always tell the truth about the situation, you can count on support. A father or brother, certainly will not offer to run to the pawnshop and plant a car to cover the shortage, he will distribute the shortage among all members of the clan.

In the family business is no more important. Many small companies would never have survived without energy and hard work for the benefit of the company of all family members. Be impartial and fair, encouraging the efforts of every employee.

Fix all relationships on paper. It is imperative to register shares, amounts of compensation and obligations.

Vertical control should not be blurred. It is not permissible to assume the right to give orders not on the merits just because you have a brother director.

Advice from the outside has value, so listen sometimes to the ideas of outsiders who are not related to your relatives.

To avoid trouble, start a long-term development plan for a business before starting a business. To do this, it is best to seek the help of professionals.

If you follow all the above rules, your family business has every chance of becoming a large enterprise with traditions that will function for more than a dozen years.

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