Psychological aspect of career growth: every gesture is important
Work is not just a list of duties that we perform for money. First of all, it is existence in the working team and interaction with it. Psycholinguists have confirmed…

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Where do we have the "buy" button?
“Our idea of ​​freedom of choice is just ignorance of the real reasons for our decision” (Benedict Spinoza). “From the informational point of view, the subconscious activity of the earthworm…

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Marketing optimization
DEADLY MARKETING MISTAKES You do not have a clear marketing strategy. You do not plan and do not control the expenditure of the marketing budget. You have not defined your…

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E-mail marketing to promote an online store: how to beat the competition?

E-mail exists for more than 20 years, for business it is used – 15+ years. Every year the efficiency of working with the audience, using E-mail newsletters is growing.

American University conducted a study that showed that 7% of sales in online stores is a merit of E-mail marketing. This is the second marketing tool for performance in the world. In the first place, of course, search marketing – its share is 15.8% of electronic transactions.

Every day the effectiveness of E-mail marketing is growing, there are more and more tools that allow you to make mailings and work with the audience through letters.

Below we describe the most popular and proven “market” services for automating and configuring E-mail distribution.

Overview of the 3 most popular services E-mail mailing for business
GetResponse – the oldest service E-mail newsletters
Back in 1999, GetResponse was a startup that “started” in Poland. Today it is one of the largest companies that has representative offices even in Russia. The service is convenient, it is easy to “figure it out”, technical support in Russian is answered promptly.

Service features: creation of mobile design of letters, more than 100+ templates with convenient editing functionality, simple and flexible subscriber segmentation system, preview of sent messages in different browsers / email clients.

And most importantly – a detailed analyst on the number of sent letters, openability, failures. All information about the work of the mailing is presented in the form of convenient graphs and figures, which makes it easier to work with the audience using E-mail marketing.

Features of the service: there is a Russian language, a mobile application, the ability to integrate with Google Analytics. The minimum fare is $ 15 / month, there is a free period of 30 days.

MailChimp – the leader in popularity among mailing services
This service has very powerful functionality, which is its plus and minus.

Plus, the functionality of MailChimp helps to solve almost any tasks of E-mail newsletters, provides deep and beautiful analytics for subscribers, a lot of templates for writing letters. Also, MailChimp specialists have worked hard and created the most intuitive database for E-mail marketers.

The disadvantage of this service lies in its benefits. The main thing – it is difficult for beginners, despite the clear and user-friendly interface. There is no Russian-language technical support, they answer in English for a long time. Therefore, without the involvement of professionals by e-mail marketing, you can easily “bungle” the newsletter and not inform the users of your main idea.

The service has no Russian language, but there is a mobile application, API and integration with Google Analytics.

Experts evaluate MailChimp as the most convenient and functional service for E-mail newsletters.

Mad Mimi – a simple and convenient service for newsletters
MadMimi was created in 2006, and positions itself as the most convenient service for E-mail newsletters. Positioning coincides with reality, it has all the basic functions, without surplus. The interface is simple, it can be sorted out in just 15 minutes.

Mad Mimi has enough letter templates and a fairly convenient editor. Analysts are quite enough: a map of clicks, openability, the level of failures. All this is decorated beautifully and clearly.

Mad Mimi is perfect for running and working with small projects, where there is still no need to automate mailings and detailed user segmentation. The perfect starting point.

There is no mobile application and Russian in Mad Mimi, but you can create a free account, which will allow you to send up to 12,500 emails to 2500 subscribers per month. There is integration with Google Analytics, split testing and API.

Strategies for working with online store users
So, we have already approached the question of action. Now the main strategies of Email marketing, which are “must have” for each online store, will be revealed.

Abandoned baskets – work with such users!
In online stores, there are constantly users who “scored” goods, added them to baskets, and for some reason did not pay.

The Baymard Insitute study found that almost 70% of users who added products to the cart leave the site without purchases. There can be many reasons: difficulties with payment, changed their mind, were distracted by other moments.

With this category of users you need to work closely, remind them that they forgot to take the last action in order to get the desired product. A study was conducted that showed that email marketing for “abandoned baskets” increases conversion from 6% to 11%, depending on the niche chosen.

It is very important to develop an email marketing strategy for users who have added products to the cart and have not bought them. But remember that such emails should be sent after 30-60 minutes after the user has left the site.

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