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Car service promotion: effective methods of promotion

As in any advertising, it is very important to understand who your potential client is (that is, the very target audience) and what problems you will help them solve.

Sales geography. Car service or service station is a business that is tied to a specific region. Most often it is a town or some area of ​​the city. It is difficult to imagine the reason why you would send your car for repair and maintenance to a service located in a foreign city for you, right? And because the promotion of auto service should also be carried out within the framework of sales geography.
Who are your customers? In order for your advertisement to resonate with people, you need to make an approximate portrait of your customers. These are people who have a car, have a need or desire to do something with it right now (repair, change oil, conduct maintenance, etc.), and also have money for it.
What can you offer. Make a list of car service, think over which of them are most in demand, and in advertising do focus on them. Think over marketing moves. For example, a very popular solution is free oil change. Profit from this service is usually a little, but it is needed by almost everyone, and they also order it in conjunction with others. Explore your own advantages and think about how you can attract customers.
In addition, it is worth setting goals to which you will strive. For example, if your workshop cannot service more than 300 cars per month, it makes no sense to aim for a greater number of applications. This will lead to queues and disgruntled customers. As a result, the additional advertising costs will work for you in the negative.

What site do car service need?
Start selling through the Internet. To start, let’s agree: without your own website, auto service online promotion is a waste of time and money. Small stations can, of course, work through ads and social networks. But practice shows that these sources are good as auxiliary.

Only the company’s own website will allow to tell in detail about all the services and increase the level of customer confidence. For ads without sites are usually looking for private low-cost masters, and the group in the social. networks without a link to the site will look extremely undignified.

The site is best to create a full-fledged one-page landing will not allow you to tell about all your services. Think of a convenient site navigation – your customers should quickly find what they need. All areas of your activity should be illustrated with your own photos: your service, car at work, the result, etc. You can make a photo gallery of completed work in the form of cases – for example, a car “before and after”, with a description of the problem and the list of works. Show what you can do – it increases the level of trust of a potential client.

Another useful move is to post reviews on the site. These should be reviews from real people with links to their accounts in social networks, video reviews from them, etc. To get them, you can announce the action and make people who are not lazy to leave feedback, discounts and gifts. Such advertising always pays off.

And, of course, when working on the site, do not forget about optimization. The site should be not only convenient, but also visited. Service stations, service stations and car repair shops are moving relatively quickly and with minimal investment. Here the advantage is low competition, because you need to promote within the same region. Also, a handful of really good sites in this area are playing into the hands – with the exception, perhaps, of car service stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In addition, for the promotion of auto service site is to create a blog on the site (article section), where you will post useful texts on the topic of auto repair. This will increase the level of trust of visitors to your site, as well as help in search engine promotion.

Contextual advertising and other sources of traffic
car-care center, auto-advertising dismantling through Internet-promotion is a slow process, and I want to make a profit now. And here contextual advertising comes to the rescue. For auto service, you should use Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords. At the same time, to optimize the budget, it is best to limit yourself only to impressions in search results. Practice shows that the advertising network of partner sites practically does not provide useful traffic for auto service promotion.

It is very important to choose the right key phrases and create ads:

Focus primarily on low-frequency and mid-frequency queries, in which people describe a specific problem. Search for such requests most often carried out by people who really need to repair the car.
Advertisements also make up an address. No need to advertise a car service as such – promote specific services through ads. By the way, this also applies to other types of advertising – ads on boards, in social networks, etc.

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